Layered Acrylic Displays

There is no right way to put together a display. You could either keep it simple or give it some eclectic flair. Using multiple acrylic products can make an interesting, engaging exhibit that will fascinate your guests every time. 

You of course have the clear acrylic encasement to cover the entirety of the display. This will help keep out dust, bugs, water, and unauthorized access. You guests will be able to view all the pieces displayed perfectly without distortion thanks to the beautifully clear acrylic case. 

You can use smaller acrylic boxes and pedestals to give specific collection pieces a literal boost. This will help highlight the piece to your audience. This technique can be seen being used on the trophies displayed in the photo above. These display rises can be any color of your choosing to create a cohesive exhibit. In this specific example, the pedestals and boxes are made from white acrylic. The opaque white material creates some organization and makes the trophies more easily discernible and prevent visual clutter.

Some pieces require a bit more security and preservation, despite already being displayed inside of a case. Signed artifacts and collection pieces can be very easy to damage. Using a clear acrylic display box can help add that extra level of protection while maintaining a clear view and neat presentation (like the signed football on the far right). 

Overall the design of the display and exhibit is up to you and your needs. We offer many services to ensure that you have the exact products you need to have a successful exhibit and preserve your collection for many years to come.