Luxury Watch Display W/ Acrylic Flair

Elevate your luxury products using displays made from economical and high quality material. 

Sheets of glass are traditionally used as doors but it adds weight to the overall display case unit and a level of fragility as glass is easily shattered. Acrylic can be used as a cost effective, durable, and lightweight solution. Clear acrylic material is just as optically transparent as glass, allowing customers to be able to view the products without obstruction. Additionally, the material is durable and shatter resistant, making it a great material for high value items as it will keep them more secure.

Other applications for acrylic can be for the very shelves your products are stored and displayed on. Instead of using cheap faux wood with vinyl coating, which eventually peels and chips, acrylic shelves are much longer lasting. These can be made at varying thicknesses, colors, and finishes.