New Laser Machine and Laser Machine Services!

    We keep our shop up to date by updating our tools and machinery with the latest in top-of-the-line technology. Recently, we've acquired a brand new, state of the art laser cutter! With the increase in custom acrylic display orders that we've been receiving, it was only logical to invest in another machine to keep our production time as short as possible. In addition to keeping up a time effective production period, we also have begun a new service to expand the use of our laser cutter. 

  You can take full advantage of our brand new laser cutter. With our new laser cutter, the sky's the limit. Bring your project idea and we will assist you with the rest! From material material recommendation to creative solutions for design. We also accept walk-ins, especially if you live in the northwest Indiana or Chicagoland area. You can also bring in your own material for this service. 

Our 250 watt laser cutter can handle large and thick pieces of material without issue! You can either get precise cut-outs of shapes and letters or beautifully engraved design that will last forever! By using a laser cutter you can easily create signs, parts, shapes, frames, and more! Whether it's just a one-off piece or a large quantity production, our laser cutter machine will execute your design with the utmost precision each and every time!

Inquire on how you can get your custom project started today!