Solid Blue Acrylic Computer Security Case

Keep your computers and control consoles secure from unauthorized access and potential damage with an acrylic security case. With the security case, you have an extra layer of protection for all the personal and vital information stored inside your computer. It can also keep sensitive consoles from accidentally being misused or damaged by liquids. 

You can attach the case onto a flat surface by the aluminum attachments with screws. To save valuable surface space, the attachments face inward with 3 holes each to easily drill into place. The inside of the case can be made to specific dimensions to fit your needs.


There are two camlocks on either side of the case to secure the lid in place when not in use to prevent unauthorized access. Each lock comes with a set of 2 keys for your convenience. When unlocked, the lid can open easily with the hinged and rest atop the case to keep out of the way when the console or computer is in use. 

The security can be made from any acrylic material of your choice, in any color. Solid acrylic can add an extra measure of security by blocking out any potential peeking. This will help you or your employees to feel more secure when entering sensitive information, passwords, and other data. You can also pick different thicknesses for the material, creating a more durable case. This would make it difficult for anything to accidentally smash the case and the console inside.

Security cases would make an excellent addition to places such as amusement parks to secure the control panels for the rides, both from unauthorized access and damage. Car washes use these cases often to protect their computers and controls from being damaged by soap and water. Facilities that store a lot of sensitive information on their computers, such as banks and government buildings, can boost their security by completely cutting out any unauthorized access with a security case.