UV Filtering Smoked Acrylic Display Case

Artifacts and gallery pieces are extremely susceptible to damage due to harmful ultra violet rays. UV rays can cause paper documents to yellow and for text to fade. Paints and illustrations also suffer fading due to UV exposure. Statues also can loose vibrancy and quality of their details. You can protect your collections with a UV filtering smoked acrylic display case.

While the smoked acrylic is not clear, you and your guests can still view the items inside, especially when you view the items closely. Due to the dark tinge and UV filtering feature, this display case is ideal for much older and fragile pieces. 

Acrylic is an impressively sturdy and long lasting. It will serve to protect your collections for an extended period of time. If the case is ever broken, you do now have to worry about injury. The acrylic material will break off into large and dull pieces that will make it easy and safe to clean up. In addition to its practical function, it is also very aesthetically appealing to any space. It's sleek design and neutral color make it universally flattering to any decor theme.