UV Printed Clear Acrylic Seating Placement Cards With Black Acrylic Base

Seating charts and seating placements are a unbelievable source of stress. Get rid of that stress with simple but effective acrylic placement cards. UV printed numbers are clearly labeled on clear acrylic that will allow your guests to easily navigate themselves to their assigned seats. The acrylic base matches the black UV print as well as keep the acrylic card propped up for guests to see the numbers. 

All materials are incredibly long lasting, so you can use the seating cards over and over again! Acrylic is incredibly difficult to break despite its delicate appearance and UV ink is scratch resistance. There is always an occasion and the simple black and clear acrylic will coordinate with any decor. If there is a specific color scheme, that is no worry at all! You can select from our vast selection of different acrylic material, font style and color to match your event's theme.