White Acrylic Macaron Display Tray w/ Removable Slanted Elevated Base

 Macarons are delicious and very delicate, so they need a little more care when being displayed. We came up with the perfect solution that allows these delectable sweets to be displayed neatly without being over crowded. Meet our white acrylic macaron display tray with removable tray. This is also a great way to prevent any macarons from breaking. No one wants a broken macaron. 

Constructed with a stunning opaque white acrylic to help those vivid colors of your pastries pop! Each placement is laser cut to precision so your macarons, truffles, bon-bons, or anything else can sit perfectly without sliding everywhere. 

Perfect for pastry counters, this tray comes with an slanted base that will prop it up for your customers to view. Extremely sturdy and long lasting, this product will help you sell your delicious sweets for you customers to enjoy for as long as possible.