White Acrylic Storage Bin With Dark Smoked Gray Acrylic Door

Keep all your items neatly stored away until you need them. With an acrylic storage bin you can maintain a neat and organized workspace while keeping items easily accessible to ease the work flow of the day and create a steady pace of productivity.

This white acrylic bin model comes in a contemporary geometrical shape and a smoked gray acrylic lid on two sturdy clear hinges. The smoked gray acrylic is great at concealing the items stored from a distance, minimizing visual clutter, but it's translucent enough for you to see the contents inside up close. 

The storage bin is large and wide, excellent for storing a fair quantity of items. This is convenient for storing frequently used items in your workplace such as towels (pictured below), papers, forms, utensils, safety glasses, gloves, hairnets, beard/shoe covers, etc. This reduces the need for frequent restocking and interrupting the work flow by going back and forth replenishing work materials.