Colored and Other Plastic Sheets

Clear acrylic plexiglass and polycarbonate are both classic choices for many projects but sometimes they're just not what you need for the job. Sometimes, you need something a little different. Luckily for you, we have a wide variety of acrylic in different colors, opacity, and finishes! 

Our colored acrylic sheets come in various shades, finishes, and levels of opacity to spark your imagination. You can find a stunning color in a chic matte finish or a classic sleek gloss finish. Our colors come in different levels of opacity with some completely opaque with no light slipping through or slightly translucent. 

Another type of colored acrylic is our fluorescent acrylic. These sheets are beautifully made and glow on there own without the need of a black light. These sheets come transparent with a gloss finish and an infinite amount of possibility. This material would be excellent for bars, restaurants, stores, arcades, table tops and more!

If color is not what you're looking for, no worries! We also have frosted and mirrored acrylic sheets.

 Frosted acrylic can be used for an assortment of projects, such as custom displays or window replacement (especially for private rooms such as bathrooms). 

Acrylic mirrors are ideal replacement for regular glass mirrors. Glass can easily be shattered and it breaks apart in dangerously sharp shards that can lead to injury. An acrylic mirror is much sturdier and offers more impact resistance, making it very unlikely to break. On the off-chance the mirror is broken, it will not form small deadly sharps but large dulled piece that will be easy to clean without accidentally injuring yourself.