Help #Polycarbonate Displays

Custom Acrylic Table Cover

Hello, My name is Mike, and I am looking for a cover for a coffee table that I built. The table is a 1:400 scale replica of a section of Detroit Metro Airport, and I would like to get a “dome” type cover for it, allowing the table to be usable to set drinks on! The table is 2‘x4‘. Is this something you might be able to create? I do have a small trim piece that goes all the way around the table, and sticks up about 1/2”, so a dome type cover sitting over top would not be able to slide around or move. Thank you! - Scott

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Custom Wall Mounted Display Cover

I have a flat snake skin mounted on a 72" x 14" board, would only need to be 3" deep. 5 sided, I would screw into the edge of the board, for home wall display. - Michael

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