Akrylix is custom make   acrylic and plastic fabricator and manufacturer of plexiglass and all other plastic products. We offer professional manufacturing products like acrylic displays, brochure holders, plexiglass cases, P.O.P Akrylix  displays,  museum cases, cubes, risers and many more. More custom made plexiglass and plastic products can be found at custom plastic and custom acrylic fabrication.

We specializes in custom acrylic fabrication for more than 30 years. Our team can help you design and manufacture your product. Akrylix uses special patented technologies to make your products better and faster and more economical way.    

We specialize in making  small and big orders for our customers as they request on any display cases or custom made cases.

Acrylic and Plastic fabrication includes many products like acrylic point of sale displays, retail store and plexiglass p.o.p displays, acrylic vitrines, acrylic furniture lexan  machine guards and many more.    

We have a variety of customers like museums, stores, trade shows display companies, laboratories, and many other worldwide companies, that require our help to custom make different types of acryllic displays and products.