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05 Nov

Akrylix is a leader in innovative solutions for the workplace! Our products are designed to help businesses cater to their customers, boost sales, and increase productivity. One of our most popular products is our line of cell phone lockers. Cell phone lockers are a fantastic solution for cell-phone free environments such as schools, hospitals, clinics, offices, government buildings, science and research labs and more!

    These lockers are constructed with crystal clear acrylic so that your customer, employees or yourself can see your cellular device without issue. Acrylic is 10 times stronger then glass, much more durable, making this a safe and secure product. Each locker is labeled with a crisp UV printed number so you can easily remember which device is which. For more security, each door is situated with a individual locks with matching keys. Each lock comes with a set of two keys. There are no repeating locks so no one but the holder of the appropriate key can access that locker. All lockers are also have small holes drilled in the back so that they can be installed on the wall in lobbies, lunch rooms, conference rooms, classrooms, and more!

    Recently, we completed a large order of cell phone lockers for several local trucking companies. They wanted to ensure their drivers were operating their vehicles safely. By securing their cellphones in the lockers, they are free from anything that could distract them from the road. Drivers who remained focused on driving and their environment have less of a chance of being involved in accidents on the road. 

    You have a wonderful selection cell-phone lockers for you to choose from! You can also have these cell-phone lockers customized in to fit your needs.

    Cell-Phone Lockers:


    3 Door Cell Phone Locker Tower Unit  

  • This cell phone locker unit has 3 compartment with 3 doors with individual locks and keys. The UV printed  numbers on the doors go from 1-3, 4-6, 7-9, and 10-12, creating a max set of 4 units. However if you require more cell phone towers with more numbers, we would be more then happy to assist!     


    Single Cell Phone Locker Unit

  • Our individual cell phone lockers are an elegantly simple way to store your cellphone safely. Since these cell phone lockers are singular, there are no numbers on the doors. Each lockers can hold at least 3 cell phones.     

    Large Cell Phone Locker Unit- 9 Doors, 12 Doors, and More!

  • If you need to store multiple devices all in one spot, this is the cell phone locker unit for you! This unit comes with individual doors with different locks and their appropriate set of keys so that no one can access a cubby that is not theirs. Each locker door is clearly labeled with a number so guests, employers, and employees can easily spot their assigned number. This cell phone locker unit can be made to a custom quantity of cubbies. If you need 24, 36, 100, etc just contact our     custom design team to sketch up a concept design and get a fast free quote!

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