1 min read
20 May

Acrylic is very popular not only because of its versatility but also for its durability and longevity. Simply put, you can use acrylic for a lot of things for a very long time without it easily breaking apart. It is the ideal material when you’re trying to get a good investment. However, even when something is made to last, a little care and maintenance can help expand it’s lifespan. That includes cleaning as everyday glass cleaners could potentially cause a rapid deterioration of the plastic material.

The key to keeping your acrylic pieces clean is to keep it gentle. Using harsh cleaners and solvents may compromise the structural integrity of the acrylic. Such solvents include; carbon tetrachloride, gasoline, acetone, and ammonia. Using these solvents can cause cracking on the acrylic surface. The clarity of the material can also be ruined as the solvents cause a fogged/frosted effect. 

Your best solution for cleaning your acrylic products would be a readily made solution! There is a plethora of acrylic plastic cleaning products, easily accessible online. These products will easily clean away dirt, dust, debris and more without causing any cracking or warping. Simply pray the product onto a microfibre cloth (to avoid scratching) and wipe away until it's gleamingly clean.

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