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29 Aug

From putting together an eye-catching spread to creating clever solutions for storage and organization, we are always looking for new ways to achieve an impressive presentation for this frequented  area. As challenging as this may sound, sometimes complications only need simple solutions. And  nothing is a pleasantly simple as our: acrylic risers.

While acrylic risers are usually used for retail merchandising products, they also come in handy when trying to display decorative accents or save space in your kitchen. Just below are some of the many ways you can use acrylic risers to liven up your kitchen. 

Extra Space in Your Cupboards

No matter what size your pantries and cupboards are, you probably are always looking for a better way to store canned and boxed goods. Using acrylic risers can help you create more space and allow for a cleaner presentation with sleek stacking options. As a result, it will be easier for you to regularly find what you are looking for without having to pull everything out of your pantry and create a chaotic disaster.

Displaying Decor

From decorative vases and bowls to salt and pepper shakers, our kitchens are filled with prized knickknacks and decor that help define the feeling of our homes. With counters filled with appliances, boards, cook books, and other must-haves, these often get lost inside of the shuffle. Using an acrylic riser is a subtle and chic way to pronounce such items. 

Neatly Store Spices

If you love cooking or food in general, then you know that spices are the essence of any good meal. Overtime, our spice cabinets fill up with an assortment of herbs, peppers, and other spices, which leads to an inevitable space issue. No worries!These helpful plastic organizers make it easier to create space in tight corners, stack items, and clear up visibility. 

Dazzle Your Guests

Whether you are the family hostess or throw the occasional dinner party, it’s always fun to switch up your dining environment. Acrylic risers can help you create a stunning food display. Place finger sandwiches and condiments on one of our step risers or present little custard cups and chocolate strawberries as a dazzling after dinner treat or a cute brunch. You can't go wrong!

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